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    Senior Product Marketing Manager
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    San Jose, Calif.

Coming out as gay in her mid-twenties rocked my world, says Jennifer Chang, a first-generation Asian-American who grew up in a conservative household in Chicago. But while working at eBay, she found role models among her gay colleagues who showed her that “you could be successful; you could have a family,” she says. After meeting her partner (now wife), Chang wanted to capture stories of hope among the LGBT community all across the developing world. In the course of a year-long leave of absence, Chang and her partner traveled to 16 countries across Asia, Africa, and South America, blogging about and filming people such as a transgender politician in Nepal and a young man who started a support network for women in rural Cambodia. A documentary about their project, “Out and Around,” is in the works, too. “I hope that people, whether they’re gay or straight, see these as very human stories,” Chang says.