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  • Age
  • Occupation
    Senior Manager, Implementation
  • Company
    Express Scripts
  • Location
    St. Louis, Mo.

As a reservist in the Marine Corps, Hugh Tychsen was called away from his day job in St. Louis last year and sent on his fourth mission overseas, this time to Afghanistan (after two previous missions in Iraq and a third in Ukraine). There, in the Helmand River Valley— the heart of Taliban territory—he served as an adviser to the Afghan National Army, embedding with the unit as it faced daily contact with the enemy. Just recently, that unit took control of an area previously patrolled by U.S. Marines, and Tychsen (center of photo, with members of the Afghan National Army) got to come home for good from his final deployment. He asks that employers support the U.S. military by continuing to hire veterans and reservists. “Combat veterans are not victims, and we do not want a handout,” he says. “We just want a chance—an opportunity to prove ourselves and bring value to your organization.”