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    Leixlip, Ireland

After leukemia claimed David Prendergast’s toddler daughter, Beth, in 2008, he knew the end-of-life experience could be better for families in similar situations. The home-care aides that tended to Beth during her final six days were more used to dealing with adults, and “despite best efforts, Beth died in quite a lot of pain,” Prendergast says. He immediately teamed up with Jane McKenna, a mother who had lost two children of her own, to help her establish Ireland’s first hospice for terminally ill children (Prendergast is pictured above, left with McKenna). Prendergast made multiple media appearances to drum up national support for the cause and raised just under $100,000 with his fellow Intel employees. Intel donated specialized IT services for the new building, and Prendergast worked with architects on myriad details to accommodate families. LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice, opened in 2011, setting a new precedent for children’s care in the country.