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The nation’s largest bank also wants to feel like your hometown one as well. At its investor’s day earlier this year, CEO Jamie Dimon remarked how dog friendly its branches are. (Free dog biscuits.) It’s all part of a plan to make the financial behemoth seem simple. But JPMorgan is actually pretty complicated. It has the largest derivatives trading book on Wall Street, and is a big player in repos, a lending market few see, but is a key part of the plumbing of the financial system. Dimon is slimming down Chase’s complicated, and thanks to increased regulations, less profitable Wall Street businesses. That hurt sales, which were down 4% in 2014, but investors are happy and earnings are up (though the later is mostly due to fewer financial crisis-related fines). The moves have also held off critics who say the bank should be broken up. For now, Dimon’s empire, one of the most profitable in the financial sector, appears safely intact.

Company Information

James Dimon
Commercial Banks
HQ Location
New York, NY
Years on List21

Key Financials (last fiscal year)

($ Millions)% change

Profits as a % of

Profit as % of Revenues21.3%
Profits as % of Assets0.8%
Profits as % of Stockholder Equity9.4%