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The hotel giant is helping to raise the work-life balance bar globally. When Marriott entered the Indian market in 2001, most Indian hotels expected employees to work six days a week. Marriott, though, decided to give staffers two days off every second week. Rajeev Menon, Marriott’s Chief Operations Officer for South East Asia and Pacific, recalls the decision caused an “uproar” in the hospitality field, with some industry leaders calling it unsustainably generous to employees. But Marriott stuck to its “People First” principles and the shorter hours. And now that it has grown rapidly in the region — with 25 hotels in South Asia and about 50 more planned — some rivals have reversed course and given their staff shorter hours too. Read the Great Place to Work review. Also check out Fortune‘s story on Marriott from the March 15, 2015 issue: Why employees love staying at Marriott.

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