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    Monster has grown sales by 13% over the past six months, and sales outside the U.S. are up more than 18% year over year as the energy-drink maker begins to enjoy international expansion in the wake of a distribution deal with Coca-Cola in 2015. The beverage sector is traditionally a difficult one for sustained growth, but Monster’s energy drinks are seen as a lifestyle brand among many young shoppers. The company has also been aggressive about innovating with new products; it plans to introduce new beverages in China and India by early next year.

    Company Information

    Overall Score2.6
    Food & Beverages
    Rodney Sacks
    HQ Location
    Corona, Calif.
    Revenues ($M) (Past 12 Months)$3,587
    Profits ($M) (Past 12 Months)$906
    Market Value as of Oct. 10, 2018 ($M)$29,781