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The maker of Monster Energy drinks is high on a sugar rush. The Corona, Calif., company’s stock price has risen 25% to $55 since the beginning of the year. Monster’s introduction of new brews and entrance into overseas markets has kept consumers guzzling, even as health consciousness hurts growth in the U.S. A landmark 2015 deal with Coca-Cola—in which Monster traded its sodas, teas, and juices, along with a 17% stake for $2 billion plus a bevy of energy beverages, for access to the pop giant’s global distribution ­network—set Monster up for international success.

Company Information

Overall Score2
Food, Beverages & Tobacco
Rodney C. Sacks
HQ Location
Corona, Calif.
Revenues ($M) (Past 12 Months)$3,191
Profits ($M) (Past 12 Months)$765
Market Value as of Oct. 9, 2017 ($M)$31,471