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    All hail the company that took a paperbound campus staple (the student “face book”) and turned it into a colossus of the social networking, oversharing, fact-challenged media and advertising landscape of today. Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s company has innovated repeatedly by enabling new ways to share first news about oneself, then photos and video, then content of common interest. It successfully transitioned from desktop to mobile and snatched up fast-growing Instagram at a bargain price. Now Facebook, with Oculus Rift, is focused on virtual reality—game-changing innovation in the making.

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    Company Information

    Overall Score4
    Internet Services and Retailing
    Mark Zuckerberg
    HQ Location
    Menlo Park, Calif.
    Revenues ($M) (Past 12 Months)$33,173
    Profits ($M) (Past 12 Months)$13,155
    Market Value as of Oct. 9, 2017 ($M)$500,974