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What can’t Amazon disrupt? Jeff Bezos’s company long ago went beyond books to upend just about every inch of brick-and-mortar retail. Today it offers Amazon-­produced entertainment and Amazon-engineered products, like its A.I.-powered assistant Alexa. And Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud-­computing platform, is wildly successful. Having recently acquired Whole Foods, Amazon’s incursion into the grocery market is imminent; some analysts suggest that prescription drugs or online payments may be on tap too. Meanwhile Amazon continues to experiment with drone deliveries and cashier-less “Go” convenience stores.

Company Information

Overall Score2.4
Internet Services and Retailing
Jeffrey P. Bezos
HQ Location
Seattle, Wash.
Revenues ($M) (Past 12 Months)$150,124
Profits ($M) (Past 12 Months)$1,922
Market Value as of Oct. 9, 2017 ($M)$476,051