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    W. Craig Jelinek
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    999 Lake Dr., Issaquah, WA 98027
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The bulk retailer had to absorb some bad press in 2012. Late in the year, Costco paid out a special dividend. The move was clearly designed to shirk taxes — particularly for the company’s largest shareholders — which were set to go up at the beginning of 2013. (Costco’s co-founder Jim Sinegal, a vocal Democrat, stood to save $4 million.) And Costco wasn’t alone in doing it. But it struck as a sign of desperation. The company borrowed $3.5 billion to pay the dividend.

Despite the weak economy, sales rose 11% to nearly $100 billion in 2012, as the company continued to expand, opening up 17 stores and pushing into new products. You can now get a mortgage and even home insurance at Costco, and you don’t have to insure your whole block.

Key Financials

$ Millions% change
Total Shareholder Equity12,361-
Market Value (on March 29, 2013)46,303.4-

Profit as a % of

Profit Percent Sales46,303.4
Profit Percent Assets6.3
Profit Percent Shareholder Equity13.8

Earnings Per Share

Earnings Per Share3.89
EPS % Change (from 2012)17.9
EPS Change (5 year)10.4
EPS Change (10 year)10.1

Total Return to Investors

Total Return to Investors28.3
Total Return to Investors (5 year)10
Total Return to Investors (10 year)