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The king stays the king. Yes, $105 million — and we’re being very conservative. For his fight against Maidana in May, Mayweather got a guaranteed purse of $32 million. It isn’t known exactly how much of the PPV returns he gets per fight, but Floyd tweeted that in this case, he got another $38 million. That’s a $70 million payday from one bout. He will fight again on Sept. 13; who his opponent is will determine the size of his purse, and how popular the fight is will determine the PPV returns, but his people tell us that it’s safe to assume a minimum of $35 million from the next fight. That’s $105 million in 2014 (but it could be as high as $120 million depending on the PPV payout), not to mention money he makes from his own brand, The Money Team, which sells hats (at price tags of up to $220) and other apparel online. The fighter has also dipped his toes into tech investing, putting over $1 million into a mobile photo app.