The legendary investment manager is barking up a storm over low interest rates.

The House Republican meltdown on Friday is very bad news for the corporate elite.

‘We stand by every single plank of wood and laminate we sell all around the country,’ company says.

The index first got there due in large part to the irrationally exuberant belief that this Internet thing was going to lay an endless supply of golden eggs.

The tech-heavy index is at its highest point since just before the dot-com bust.

Hewlett-Packard , the PC-maker and software solutions company, announced Monday it would acquire the network equipment firm Aruba Networks for $24.67 per share, according to a statement from the firms. The deal, which had been rumored since last week, will cost HP $3 billion when Aruba’s debt load is factored in. The Palo Alto, Calif., […]

Costco announced that the retailer’s credit card network will be handled by Visa next year, an announcement that comes weeks after it sideswiped Visa rival American Express in a move that ended a 16-year relationship with the retailer. The retailer, 19th on the Fortune 500, said Citigroup would be the exclusive issuer of Costco’s co-branded […]

Hello friends and Fortune readers. Wall Street stock futures are gaining this morning, and European shares have declined from their highest level in more than seven years. Asian markets closed the day mostly higher. Over the weekend, Warren Buffett published the 50th annual letter to Berkshire shareholders. In it, he told the group he had […]