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It’s very satisfying to say, “Well, actually…” And journalists Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall tap into that feeling with You’re Wrong About, an independent, ad-free podcast that launched in May 2018. In each episode, the hosts do a deep dive into an event, person, or phenomenon that’s been misrepresented by the media and perhaps mythologized as a result. The gag is that one host does tons of research, including reading contemporaneous news coverage, and the other brings just his or her memories of the topic, however warped by the fun-house mirror of media and pop culture they may be. Hobbes and Marshall have recorded over 130 episodes, including installments about the McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit (their “Free Bird” or most requested) and the Stanford prison experiment, as well as multipart series on Princess Diana and the O.J. Simpson trial. The basic premise of many episodes is that the media sensationalizes stories for profit, so rather than run ads themselves and risk compromising their impartiality and critical eye, YWA relies strictly on crowdfunding. The hosts started a Patreon in April 2019 and now have more than 30,000 patrons paying between $2 and $25 a month. They also have merch. One popular shirt is printed with the first names of women they’ve covered who “deserved better”: “Monica & Janet & Tonya & Anna Nicole” (that’s Lewinsky, Jackson, Harding, and Smith, respectively). Another design? “It was capitalism all along.” Each episode feels like a conversation between two smart, funny friends; the hosts sometimes send each other relevant links while recording and react in real time, making the listener feel as if they’re eavesdropping on something juicy. This familiarity may be part of why they have such a devoted following. Or maybe it’s the fact that they help provide their audience with the insight to correct others when these famous events come up in conversation.