Navigating the New Frontier of Leadership 

The last few years have shown us that agility, innovation, and empathy are key to successful modern leadership. But as we step into 2023, business leaders will be tested in new ways, as heightened expectations from all stakeholders collide with an impending recession, ESG backlash, culture wars, mounting geopolitical tensions, and other headwinds. And there’s another challenge —and opportunity—facing leaders in 2023: How to harness advances in technologies like artificial intelligence and the metaverse to build new products and create new business models? 

The year ahead will be a pinnacle period for global business leaders. How will they rise to the occasion? How can they ensure a balanced approach to corporate profitability and empathetic leadership? There are no easy answers, but Fortune’s CEO Initiative promises to tackle these issues head-on as we examine the role of business and leadership in a new age. 

We will take a deep dive into these topics at our 2023 events: 

·       Maintaining focus on social outcomes in a tough economic environment while managing profits  

·       Generative AI and it’s game changing impact on business 

·       Insights on implementing scope 3 successfully 

·       What can corporations do to minimize waste and increase biodiversity 

·       The pros and cons of experiments of scale 

·       How will the recession tip the scale from a candidate’s market to an employer’s market 

·       Aligning corporations, governments and ESG 

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2022 Annual Meeting
The world has undoubtedly entered a new age and is experiencing a tangled web of existential crises unlike any we’ve seen in decades. Russia’s brazen invasion of Ukraine. Rising authoritarian tides. Political polarization. Diminished democratic institutions. Unbroken dependency on fossil fuels. Cataclysmic climate change projections. Deep distrust in capitalism. Raging culture wars. The lingering battle with COVID-19 and fear of the next pandemic. These issues are exposing the many challenges of our interconnected world in vivid technicolor.

Global business leaders are acutely feeling the pressure and profound uncertainty generated by these crises. And more is being demanded of those leaders than ever before, as an ever-expanding set of stakeholders urges them to take a stand on issue after issue. How are leaders expected to navigate these troubled waters? How does industry not only make profits but also a positive impact in an exceptionally difficult new global context? There are no easy answers, but Fortune’s CEO Initiative promises to confront these challenges head-on as we examine the role of business and leadership in a disrupted world.

We will take a deep dive into these topics at our 2022 Annual Meeting:

  • Leadership perspectives from Global CEOs driving innovation and transformation
  • Views from government officials and policymakers working across the aisle to drive economic prosperity
  • Insights from subject matter experts on the key geopolitical and business trends
  • Observations from thought leaders and academics studying shifts in workplace culture
  • Stories from entrepreneurs and changemakers working at grassroots levels


Park Hyatt Washington D.C
1201 24th Street, NW
Washington, D.C., 20037

The Park Hyatt Washington D.C. is located in the West End neighboring Georgetown, Pennsylvania Avenue and the White House. 


Membership Benefits

The benefits of membership in the Fortune CEO Initiative include:

  • Participation in the annual meeting
  • Virtual Calls: Occurring throughout the year, these calls provide a forum for CEOI members to share ideas and approaches with other CEOI members. Our objective is to understand how each of our members are leading, planning, and thinking in both the short and longer term.
  • CEO Collaboratives: The member may participate in collaboratives to follow up on particular ideas for collective action identified at the annual meeting. Current areas include: Economic inclusion, technology for good, climate and sustainability, and workforce development.  The result of high impact collective action will be featured on and daily newsletters.
  • Video Interview: CEOI members have the opportunity to participate in a video interview series by a Fortune staffer, highlighting your business with purpose, and published on
  • Fortune Events: Complimentary invitations and special opportunities to attend select Fortune events, including the Fortune Global Forum and Brainstorm Health conferences. This also includes an invitation to the Davos CEO Dinner. Several conferences can be delegated to executives from your company.
  • Recognition in Fortune Magazine: Fortune will run an editorial report following the conclusion of the CEO Initiative annual meeting which will include a listing of all members.
  • Premium-level access across all Fortune media platforms: In addition, your membership will include complimentary access to Fortune’s new platforms and products including subscriber-only journalism online; an immersive video portal including Fortune conferences via live stream or on demand; proprietary research each week; and subscriber-only calls.

Participation is by invitation only, and benefits of membership in the CEO Initiative extend beyond the annual meeting, and includes frequent virtual conversations.  Annual membership is $16,000.

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The CEO Initiative is developed with the guidance of FORTUNE editors, and the program is tailored with themes and speakers carefully selected to deliver maximum value to participants.

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Membership in the FORTUNE CEO Initiative is by invitation only, and subject to approval. Registration is non-transferable. Benefits of membership in the CEO Initiative extend beyond the annual meeting, and includes frequent virtual conversations.  Annual membership is $17,000. Participants are responsible for their own travel and hotel charges for all events. The staff for the event will provide more information about accommodations.
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