Join us for a Fortune  Discussion

Using Data to Boost Business Resilience  

Monday September 27, 2021
12:00 PM–1:00 PM ET
Presented by Accenture


How well would your business perform when faced with the next big challenge? A.I. sourced data can provide valuable insight for decision-making in business operations – from supply chain to the customer experience. These insights can identify weak spots, help companies meet and exceed client demand, create value, and drive growth. This session will explore how business leaders are responsibly harnessing the value of data across their organization to predict outcomes and create new roadmaps to optimize performance. 


Discussion leaders include:

  • Joe Depa, Global Managing Director and Data-led Transformation Lead, Accenture
  • Susan Doniz, Chief Information Officer and SVP, Information Technology and Data Analytics, The Boeing Company
  • Sandra Nudelman, Head of Consumer Data and Engagement Platforms, Wells Fargo
  • Bonnie Titone, Chief Information Officer, Duke Energy