All items are in Africa/Abidjan time. Click on the agenda items to find out more.
Tech Tips
  1. All attendees must apply for registration here before they are given access to the conference platform.
  2. Once you are on the event page, click on “Enter Event”.
  3. You are now in the Reception. This is the Welcome page or “lobby”. Here you can quickly find out what’s currently happening and learn more about the program, speakers, and partners.
  4. During the conference, you can visit other areas of the event listed on the left-hand side: Stage, Sessions, Networking, and Booths.
  5. Chat: On the right-hand side of the screen, the chat panel allows you to send event-wide chats and directly message other attendees.
  6. Stage: The main program sessions will take place here. During the event, if “Live” is on the stage, it means that live onstage video is streaming.
  7. Sessions: This is where meetings with Fortune Editors and Brainstorm Health Co-chairs will take place. Take a deeper dive into specific topics in small groups of your peers. You’ll be able to pose questions to the moderators via the chat panel.
  8. Networking: Get matched up for a one-on-one video meeting and click “Connect” to automatically exchange your contact information.
  9. Booths: This is a virtual exhibition hall where you can connect with the conference partners, and also view the special artwork series.