Driving Innovation on the Path to a Green Economy

Private sector leaders are primed to become a driving force behind the green economy, as investors, regulators, and customers call for greater sustainability and geopolitical uncertainties rock energy markets. In such an environment, credible corporate ESG programs will demand that companies look to innovation to deliver on their agenda, living up to the ambitious goals they have set.  

This backdrop will provide growing opportunities for innovators (and their investors) to transform long-entrenched processes: From more efficient global supply chain systems to cleaner energy sources. Indeed, with governments enacting legislation subsidizing green industries, the industry is ripe for more entrants and new technologies, even as the global economy contracts.  

What are the biggest business opportunities in the transition to clean energy? What are the short-and long-term bets companies should be making today? And which technologies hold the most promise as we work toward a more sustainable future?  


FORTUNE’s fourth annual Global Sustainability Forum will convene virtually on September 28. 

We’ll take a deep dive into these topics at our 2023 event:    

  • Identifying ESG investment opportunities that produce genuine impact  
  • Decoding decarbonization efforts in the supply chain  
  • How legislation is accelerating the entry into the EV era  
  • Driving progress in a changing economic environment 
  • Emerging opportunities in green tech and renewable solutions as markets shift 
  • How capital is being used to finance a carbon-neutral economy 
  • What is the role of the private sector in influencing the narrative around sustainability 
  • The current state of global ESG reporting and what frameworks lie ahead 
  • Implementing sustainability as a key driver of business innovation



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The FORTUNE Global Sustainability Forum program is developed with the guidance of FORTUNE editors, whose journalistic perspective provides unique insights into the key trends and dynamic people that are driving business. The program is tailored to the immediate needs of its audience, with themes and speakers carefully selected to deliver maximum value.

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