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How to Reach Net-Zero: Transitioning from Ambition to Action

Nearly a year on from the pivotal COP26 summit in Glasgow, the ever-present issue of climate change has only grown more untenable. The private sector is poised to answer the call that’s become impossible to ignore, and seize the opportunity to collaborate across industries in the fight to save the planet. 

Faced with the dooming evidence of world regions that are rapidly becoming unlivable, policy makers at last year’s climate summit developed a set of goals, from halting deforestation to cutting coal, in an attempt to reach net-zero by 2050. And now, geopolitical instability has increased the pressure to make systemic, sustainable changes and accelerated the need for clean, renewable energy. 

Like all FORTUNE conferences, the Global Sustainability Forum will feature informative interviews, and interactive breakout sessions, with participation from top-level executives, investors, decision-makers and thinkers from around the world. Early confirmed speakers include CEOs Warren East of Rolls-Royce, Enrique Lores of HP, Annette Clayton of Schneider Electric North America, Geraldine Matchett of Royal DSM, and Marcie Frost of CalPERS.



FORTUNE’s third annual Global Sustainability Forum will convene virtually on September 29  to explore how executives are implementing their COP26 promises to save the planet and build resilient businesses through the following:

  • Clean Tech for a Net-Zero World: An investment in burgeoning climate technology, such as wind and solar power, may just be the magic equation needed to solve the climate crisis. But what technologies are already in use? How can everything from carbon capture to electrification help develop and sustain an energy-efficient enterprise?
  • Financing a Low-Carbon Economy: Transitioning to a low-carbon economy requires new strategies across the financial sector. What investments are being made today to deliver a net-zero future? And how can market participants effectively allocate capital to make sustainability a success? 
  • The Business Benefits of Sustainable Water: In the 20th century, the world’s population quadrupled, and with it water use increased sixfold; it’s a demand that stresses communities and businesses alike. So how can organizations better understand the way their operations influence a finite water supply? And is there a way to harness that understanding into water stewardship and a solution to the global water crisis?
  • Leading the Circular Economy Transition: Finding more circular solutions could unlock $4.5 trillion in GDP growth by 2030, so how can companies redesign their business models to complete their transition to the circular economy? Hear more about the ways products are being revamped to prevent waste and recover spent resources




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Thursday 29 Sep, 2022
11 AM - 12:15 PM
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