The Fortune Founders Forum is an extension of the exclusive Brainstorm Tech membership community designed for a select group of entrepreneurs and rising stars in business and technology. The inaugural gathering of the Fortune Founders Forum will take place on July 9-10, immediately preceding the 22nd annual Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Park City, UT. 

Fortune Live Media Editorial Director Michal Lev-Ram and Deputy Director of Fortune Live Events  Polina Marinova Pompliano will lead members through a keynote dinner, followed by morning outdoor activities, “ask me anything” sessions with leading founders, and breakout sessions offering ample opportunity for founders to network and learn from each other. 

Conversations will explore key topics of the day including what happens when markets turn volatile; how to hire, fire, and raise money during a recession; and which skills founders need to transition from a peacetime CEO to a wartime CEO.

In advance of the July events in Park City, Founders Forum members will gather for a lead-up dinner on March 21 in Miami, FL at Layla, located inside the Kayak Hotel.

Fortune Brainstorm Tech is one of the most high-profile and established tech conferences in the U.S. The event began in Aspen in 2001 as a small conference and summer retreat for those interested in discussing global business issues and innovation; it has grown into a community of leaders from Fortune 500TM companies, along with top investors, VCs, banking executives, startup founders, and global thought leaders. Each year, the program delivers the hallmarks of Fortune Live Events: engaging content, impactful networking, and meaningful takeaways.

Please note that membership in the Fortune Founders Forum is very limited, and subject to approval. To apply to become a member and attend Fortune Brainstorm Tech in Park City, UT this summer, please complete this Form.


Why the Fortune Founders Forum?
As founders face a business environment marked by volatility, inflation, and tightening budgets, Fortune is convening a select group of tech entrepreneurs to help them meet the demands and opportunities of this new reality. Members from early stage companies will come together for intimate, intentional gatherings to explore building for lasting impact, viability, and profitability; share best practices; and find new ways to connect and collaborate. Members will be eager to learn—and to provide their own learnings—and to network with top tech leaders as well as other founders.

 How can I join?
You can join the Fortune Founders Forum and attend Brainstorm Tech one of two ways:
Friends of Fortune can nominate, and sponsor, select founders to join the Forum
A member of the founding team of a qualifying company can complete an application form here (link what kind of form?)

 Who qualifies?
Applicants must be a member of the founding team of an early-stage company past series A or B funding, if it is their first startup, or if they are a serial entrepreneur. We urge the CEO to attend, but any founder—for instance, someone on the product or technical side—can represent their organization. Members will represent a variety of industries and geographies, as well as racial/ethnic, age, and other demographic diversity. Please note that all nominees are subject to approval, and that substitutions, though possible, are discouraged, and subject to approval.

What benefits will Fortune Founders Forum members receive?
The Founders Forum/Fortune Brainstorm Tech (July 9-12, Park City, Utah)
Invitation to a planned lead-up dinner in Miami on March 21 at Layla, located inside the Kayak Hotel.

The Fortune Founders Forum will be a kickoff event to Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference. Activities will begin on July 9 with an evening dinner/program, and continue on July 10, with morning outdoors activities, a facilitated “ask me anything” session with insightful leaders, and breakout sessions that will provide ample opportunity for founders to learn from each other.

We expect and encourage that participants will also attend the Brainstorm Tech conference, starting on the afternoon of July 10 and continuing through the morning of July 12. Founders Forum members will reconvene on July 12 with other conference attendees for a special breakfast roundtable.

Throughout the event, a Fortune reporter will be taking notes and compiling findings into a “blueprint” dubbed “The Founders’ Playbook” that acts as a guide on hiring, firing, and raising and deploying capital during a recession. This playbook will be shared with the community and published on after the conference.

What is the price to join the Fortune Founders Forum and attend Brainstorm Tech?
Fortune recognizes that the membership fee is a significant investment for early-stage organizations and is pleased to offer a discounted membership rate of $4,750 to Fortune Founders Forum participants.

How do I apply?
To apply to become a member and attend Fortune Brainstorm Tech in Park City, UT this summer, please complete this Form.


Click here to view a FAQ about the Fortune Founders Forum

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Fortune Founders Forum membership is by invitation only, and subject to approval. Registration is non-transferable and includes all member benefits through our 2023 in-person conference.
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A limited number of corporate sponsorships are available. Please contact us for more information.
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