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Critical as they are, clinical trials are often bottlenecks for medical breakthroughs. While 70% of people say they would participate in such trials, few who could benefit do so, because enrollment is logistically complicated and geographically limited. Such hurdles help explain why just 3% of adult cancer patients get an investigational therapy, and why drug trials end up taking so long and becoming so expensive.  To tackle this unfortunate inefficiency, Tempus, a precision medicine company, unleashed its big-data tools to create the TIME trial program, which quickly connects patients, providers, and pharma companies, and facilitates clinical trial initiation in new locations (that is, close to a patient’s home). Since 2019, Tempus has identified more than 5,000 patients for trials—and it activates those patients’ trial sites in roughly 10 days, compared with the industry’s 20-week average. That’s precious time for drug companies, who pay to participate in Tempus’s network, and for cancer patients alike.
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