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    The venerable hotel chain, which has more than 5,400 properties worldwide, welcomed 160 million guests in 2017. That’s a lot of sheets to wash and mini-fridges to power. But Hilton generates 30% less carbon emissions and waste and uses 20% less water and energy, on a per-square-foot basis, than it did in 2008. Anchoring that achievement is an internal platform called Light-Stay that enables individual hotels’ managers to measure their environmental impact and spot possible fixes; the platform has helped Hilton save about $1 billion over the past decade through operating efficiencies. This spring, Hilton pledged to reduce water use and waste by an additional 50%, and CO2 output by 61%, by 2030.

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    Impact Segment
    Environmental Impact
    Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure
    Hotels, Casinos, Resorts
    Christopher Nassetta
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    Revenues ($M) (Last Fiscal Year)$9,140
    Profits ($M) (Last Fiscal Year)$1,259
    Market Value ($M)$22,468