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A big-data giant helps crime-fighters find crucial investigative puzzle pieces.

Start discussing big-data analytics, and most people’s eyes glaze over. But data wranglers from SAS are putting that talent to valuable use, wringing insights out of huge collections of information to help human rights workers, environmentalists, and educators, among others. Case in point: Local law enforcement organizations know about every hate crime committed in the U.S., but many are never reported to the FBI. At an SAS-sponsored event dubbed the North Carolina DataDive, the Anti-Defamation League got help building tools to match online news reports with gaps in the FBI reports. Another group built a tool to identify stores that illegally sell tobacco products to minors. Big data: It’s good business, but it’s not just for businesses.

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Human Rights/Social Justice
Computer Software
James Goodnight
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Revenues ($M) (Last Fiscal Year)$3,200
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