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    Expanding prenatal and early childhood care in India.

    Sometimes, a low-tech cell phone can be a literal lifeline—especially if you live somewhere where regular Internet and health care access is a luxury.

    That’s why global conglomerate Johnson & Johnson, in conjunction with the nonprofit group ARMMAN and the J&J parent support arm BabyCenter, launched the “mMitra” program in India. Roughly translating to “mobile friend,” mMitra is a free service that sends pregnant women and new moms in India voice messages that give them health updates and helpful information about raising children. This might include data about preventive care, proper nutrition, and other early-childhood health issues (all delivered in local languages and dialects).

    The service is especially useful because even low-income families in the country have at least one mobile device that they share. More than 700,000 Indian women have participated since the project launched in 2014, according to J&J.

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