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An auto insurer’s app encour­ages (and sometimes pays) drivers to make safer decisions.

Self-driving cars may someday save us from ourselves, mooting the human error that causes most car accidents. But for now, we drivers are all too human, and still need reminders to stay vigilant.

That’s the premise behind Allstate’s Drivewise app, which debuted in 2010. The app syncs up to a telematics device that plugs into a vehicle’s dashboard. The app tracks risky behaviors, including speeds exceeding 80 miles per hour and instances of “extreme” braking. App users can get near-real-time alerts when they go astray, or check their histories on an online dashboard. If seeing a scoreboard doesn’t prompt a driver to change bad habits, getting discounts for improving those habits just might.

Allstate benefits from safer driving too, of course, thanks to lower accident payouts; it also uses the data to create new safety-related products and services.

Company Information

Impact Segment
Public Health/Nutrition
Insurance: Property & Casualty
Thomas Wilson
Company Type
Revenues ($M) (Last Fiscal Year)$36,534
Profits ($M) (Last Fiscal Year)$1,877
Market Value ($M)$32,613