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    Giving something invaluable to vulnerable refugees.

    The size of the ongoing worldwide refugee crisis is astronomical. One in every 113 people on the planet is a refugee for a total of 65.3 million—the most since World War II. Underlying the critical questions of how to feed, house, and resettle these people is the challenge of keeping track of them. Identification is needed at refugee camps to distribute rations and ensure access to fair and efficient asylum procedures. But paper documents can be lost or damaged or stolen and used fraudulently.

    Accenture, in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, is helping solve this problem by deploying a biometric identity management system that it previously used in the commercial sector. With a facial recognition and fingerprint-scanning technology system similar to one Accenture deployed at Heathrow Airport customs gates, the UNHCR has enrolled in its global databases half a million refugees in remote areas in Malawi, Thailand, India, and the Congo that often lack electricity and phone coverage, not to mention Internet connectivity. The system reduces abuse and fraud in the distribution of benefits and resettlement procedures, while providing refugees with something many long for—a confirmed identity.

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