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    For the past two decades our electronics industry has ­contributed to one of the most violent, protracted conflicts on the ­planet. Microprocessors are made with tantalum, tungsten, tin, and gold—all minerals largely sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where mining activities often fund armed groups. Since 2009, Intel, the $56 billion chip-industry giant, has led the charge to reverse that. Determined to rid its products of such grim associations, the company—with an auditor’s touch—dug deep into its supply chain. The effort worked: In 2014 Intel announced that its microprocessors were conflict-mineral free, an achievement many had thought impossible. Since then, much of the tech industry, from HP to Apple to Dell, has been working to achieve the same goal.

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    Revenues ($ millions)55,870
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    Brian M. Krzanich
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    Human Rights/Social Justice
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