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    JPMorgan Chase

The 61-year-old New Yorker guided his bank through the financial crisis with an unscathed balance sheet and an undamaged brand. Now, as Dimon finishes his 12th year as CEO, his influence has never been greater. JPMorgan Chase’s $2.6 trillion in assets make it by far the nation’s biggest bank, and the stock’s 45% return over the past 12 months shows how attractive to investors a well-managed financial institution can be amid relaxing regulations and rising growth. But surging profits have hardly made Dimon complacent. As chairman of the Business Roundtable, he has used his bully pulpit to stump for smarter investments in infrastructure and education. And he has led the company to commit more than $200 million to investments in small businesses and vocational training in inner-city neighborhoods—reimagining philanthropy as an engine of economic growth. —Matt Heimer