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Since Satya Nadella took charge in early 2014, Microsoft has been engineering a stunning turnaround. He has taken a company focused on personal computing but showing promise in its enterprise and cloud-computing businesses, and turned that equation on its head. In the past three years Microsoft sheared the $9.4 billion phone business it acquired from Nokia and sold its Bing mapping-data assets to Uber. It plowed billions into the construction of data centers around the globe to support its now cloud-ready products. And it made substantial leaps transforming its original software business from permanent licenses, where revenue is a one-time affair, to subscriptions, where revenue is recurring.


“Satya is a great leader for Microsoft,” says former CEO Steve Ballmer, who is still the company’s largest individual shareholder. He adds that Nadella “has done a great job improving perceptions of the company in ways that can advance its agenda—with developers, industry participants, and investors.”


Excerpted from “Satya Nadella’s Traveling Revival Show,” by Andrew Nusca.