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Tencent is best known for its WeChat service (which has 800 million users), but the company now gets half its revenues from online and mobile games. Indeed, it is on track to become the biggest gaming company in the world after announcing an $8.6 billion deal for a controlling stake in Supercell Oy, maker of the video-game Clash of Clans. Meanwhile, Tencent has been turning in juggernaut numbers, with revenues of $18.8 billion in its most recent 12 months, nearly twice the figure for 2013, and a surging net income of $5.1 billion. Result: a 37% jump in stock price so far in 2016. Earlier this year, Ma announced he would donate shares worth $2 billion to charity; then, in September, he decided to direct an additional 2% of Tencent’s profits every year to philanthropies.