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Utter retail domination…and now profits. Amazon just recorded its sixth consecutive quarter in the black, racking up a cool $2.1 billion in earnings over the past 12 months, largely thanks to its booming cloud business. Meanwhile, Amazon is becoming a hardware force with a hit new gadget and an AI-powered voice assistant in Amazon Echo and Alexa, respectively, and a successful line of low-priced Fire tablets. Not enough for you? Jeff Bezos has also made the company a cultural force in original TV and movies, with the likes of ‘Transparent.’ Then there are his side projects. Now worth $66 billion, Bezos bought and helped revive the Washington Post, which has been a must-read this presidential election cycle. And his space venture, Blue Origin, has launched four rockets into space. Bezos will be hard-pressed to top all of that in 2017.

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