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Methodology for Businessperson of the Year

To compile this year’s Businessperson of the Year list, we weighed 10 -metrics. Financial results, including 12-month and 36-month increases in profits and revenue, formed the backbone of our analysis. (We wanted to identify companies that shone in the past year but eliminate any flashes in the pan who had a single good year after a slump.) We also weighed each company’s stock performance and total shareholder returns over the same periods and factored in each’s ratio of debt to capital. Nonfinancial elements, like business influence, leadership style, and strategic initiatives, played a part in our evaluation as well.


By Scott Cendrowski, Scott DeCarlo, Peter Elkind, Erika Fry, Vivian Giang, Erin Griffith, Stacey Higginbotham, Beth Kowitt, Adam Lashinsky, Michal Lev-Ram, Daniel Roberts, and Phil Wahba