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    Magna International

The most tantalizing tidbit about Magna these days is a mere rumor: That the world’s second-largest automotive supplier will partner with Apple to develop an electric car. The closest Walker has come to confirming or denying the reports is to aver that his company, headquartered just outside of Toronto, would the “logical” choice. Back in the real world, Walker has been on a buying binge, acquiring six major auto parts supplier so far this year. This isn’t the first time he has been in the driver’s seat at Magna. The first time—from 1994 through 2001—Walker was lauded for saving so much cash that Magna was beyond prepared when the financial crisis hit. Walker stepped down in 2001, but returned in 2005 to become co-CEO before taking sole charge in 2010. His recent spending notwithstanding, Walker has maintained financial discipline with profits rising much faster (more than doubling) than revenues (up nearly 50%) during the past five years.