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  • Company
    Estee Lauder
  • Title
    President and CEO

Luxury cosmetics maker Estée Lauder is handily beating its competition, including L’Oréal and Elizabeth Arden, thanks to its broad portfolio of products and geographic markets, which has protected it against any single region’s weakness. Under Fabrizio Freda, Estée Lauder has established itself deep inside China, gaining a first-mover advantage in the region. He has also ramped up R&D spending at the company, giving Estée Lauder an edge in the skin care market, the most competitive and lucrative in the beauty sector. Also on his watch, the company has finally begun to fix a business that had been stumbling for years: fragrance, which is now growing by leaps and bounds. Freda, who has been CEO since 2009, has presided over a nearly 50% rise in revenue and has managed to grow an old, family-owned business. —Phil Wahba