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Employees say:

“Camden is a wonderful place to work because of our PEOPLE. I’ve been with this company for 15-plus years and amazed that I still love it so much. We have secret sauce, and I believe it’s because as a company we are always reinventing the wheel and reinventing ourselves. If something doesn’t work, we fix it. When life hands us lemons (such as the pandemic) we work as a team and make lemonade and come out stronger and better than ever before. At Camden, I truly feel like we are a family, but not in a cliche type of way. I truly love and adore so many of the people I work with. Some of my co-workers over the years have become my lifelong friends. Camden is a very special place to work. It’s home.”

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Company Info

Real Estate
Industry Vertical-
HQ Location
Web Address
U.S. Employees1,676
Worldwide Employees-
U.S. Revenue$1,057,586,000
Total Worldwide [including U.S.] Revenue in the Latest Fiscal Year-
Date info provided (companies may opt to keep some data confidential)
July 30, 2021