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“When I graduated with my degree, I felt like I had built a great foundation of experience for myself to start a career. As I started working at West Monroe Partners, I really thought I had found it all. Seeing that stand true today is my favorite part about working here. I expected to become a better professional, but I had not even thought about becoming a better human being. At West Monroe Partners, I am the best version of myself and that is the most invigorating, freeing feeling in the world.”


“At West Monroe, we certainly know how to have fun, and tons of it. In the same breath, we know how to plan, design, proactively avoid project hiccups, learn from our mistakes and capitalize on our expertise. We know how to persevere to get an initiative across the line, and we all chime in to go the extra mile in doing so. From my nine months of working here, it’s very clear to me that we understand the “why” behind what we do every day. As an individual, I love that at West Monroe, my voice matters and is heard by all levels of leadership. I love that at every level, we get to add value early on in the business model through projects, client experiences, and giving back to our community.”


“I love so many of our benefits here, but two of my favorites are our 1+1+1 program and our monthly ‘4 o’clock Rocks’ networking events. Through the 1+1+1 program, I work on a pro bono project for USO IL. This is where our company sponsors the project and USO IL doesn’t pay a dime out of pocket for our work. In return, I receive matched PTO for every hour of time I donate to the project. I can earn up to 24 extra hours of PTO for the following calendar year by doing so. The best part is I get to give back in a unique way through our project. Our monthly ‘4 o’clock Rocks’ is an event where every practice group comes together at 4pm on a Friday to hang out, kick back and unwind. Food is catered and we all celebrate the hard work we have done the past month. It is so great getting to know my coworkers on a personal level outside of our professional relationships, leading to some of the greatest friendships I have.”


  • Name: Carley Powell
  • Job title: Consultant
  • Start Date: August 10, 2015
  • School and Graduation Year: Miami University, Farmer School of Business, 2015


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Company Info

Professional Services
Consulting — Management
Year founded
HQ location
Chicago, Ill.
Type of org
# of work sites
U.S. employees650
Global employees650


% New jobs added (past 12 mo)23%
% New hires that were recent grads28%