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    “It’s been refreshing to work at a place where I feel I am actually part of a team, since everyone is so friendly and inclusive. We are always encouraging and supporting each other.”


    “Orrick has an unique work culture; we encourage discussions, respect each other, value integrity—all while having a strong work ethic. We are rewarded when we perform well, and this helps enthusiasm and morale. I also love how diverse we are.”


    “I particularly enjoy the health benefits, i.e. insurance and onsite health tests. Although I haven’t made use of this yet, I also appreciate Orrick’s generous maternal leave policy,” Huang says.


    • Employee: Amy Huang
    • Job title: Client Relations Assistant
    • Start Date: January 27, 2016
    • Graduated: San Francisco State University, 2014


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    Company Info

    Professional Services
    Year founded
    HQ location
    San Francisco, Calif.
    Type of org
    # of work sites
    U.S. employees1,460
    Global employees2,128


    % New jobs added (past 12 mo)3%
    % New hires that were recent grads46%