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“My favorite part of working for KPMG are the opportunities. KPMG has so many networks, service lines and groups servicing almost every imaginable industry and type of client. Although I work primarily on pharmaceutical/life sciences clients, I have had the opportunity to work for governmental entities, a utility company and financial services institutions. Working on a multitude of clients has allowed me to learn so much in a relatively short time. I genuinely look forward to working on each new client, and learning something new almost every day.”


“KPMG also offers countless ways to become involved internally and learn about the firm, its people and the industry trends we help to shape. For example, as a member of the New York Advisory People Connectivity Council, I am able to help effectuate real changes at an Advisory-wide level for New York. One of the committees I serve on is the Lunch with a Leader committee, which is tasked with setting up lunches with key leaders throughout the Advisory practice at KPMG. These lunches serve as a forum for the leaders to speak about their industry or service lines and engage in an open dialogue with KPMG employees they may otherwise have never met.”


“KPMG’s culture is collaborative and inclusive. Even though I have been working for less than two years, I feel as though my thoughts and opinions are truly valued. Sometimes I work on teams as small as three people—a partner, a director and myself. On teams like this I have found that asking questions, sharing my opinion or speaking up during interviews or discussions, is not only expected, but encouraged. Even on larger teams with multiple staff, managers, directors and above, new associates are encouraged to ask questions and raise observations.”


“Another example of KPMG’s inclusive culture is the mentorship program. KPMG encourages both formal and informal mentors. I have informal mentors of all levels, as well as a formal mentor who is a partner. We meet on occasion to discuss work, personal life and anything else that may come up. Meeting with my mentors has been invaluable, as I have learned so much about the firm and internal practices, as well as having many questions answered.”


“At KPMG we get a lot of paid time off, more than many of my friends at other companies, and we are genuinely encouraged to use it. For example, I was able to take a two full weeks off last year and travel around Iceland, which was absolutely a once in a life time experience. Everyone I work with was not only open to me taking two weeks, but they still ask me questions about my trip, and I have even given suggestions to a few people planning their own Iceland trips.”


“Jumpstart Friday is another benefit that I think makes KPMG a unique and great place to work. While I cannot take advantage of it every Friday in the summer, being able to leave at 3PM on Fridays and start my weekend, or get to the beach a bit earlier makes my weekend feel longer and more relaxing.”


“A perk that I really appreciate is reimbursement for study materials and bonus when passing certain certifications. For example, I took and passed the CFE about a year after starting with the firm. KPMG covered all of my study and prep-course materials, as well the exam itself, and then I received a bonus upon obtaining the certification.”


  • Employee: Katie Goldstein
  • Job title: Associate; Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance, Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals
  • Start Date: August 14, 2014
  • School and Graduation Year: Syracuse University (JD/MBA), December 2013


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Professional Services
Year founded
HQ location
New York, N.Y.
Type of org
# of work sites
U.S. employees26,640
Global employees161,640


% New jobs added (past 12 mo)17%
% New hires that were recent grads35%