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“Kimley-Horn is a place where the possibilities for career growth are endless. During my time with the company I have been exposed to different facets of civil engineering, which has given me the ability to develop both my technical skills and interests. Being able to work closely with project managers and knowing that they are always happy to help is one of my favorite aspects of working at Kimley-Horn.”


“Kimley-Horn’s workplace culture revolves around its employees. The focus is on teamwork and providing the resources necessary for employees to succeed, which leads to the company’s ultimate success.”


“The technical training programs that are offered by Kimley-Horn are a great opportunity for recent graduates to refine their technical skills. These technical training classes set the standard for what is required in our field, which in turn allows us to provide exceptional client service in the future. They also serve as an opportunity to learn about different real-world situations that we haven’t been exposed to but might encounter in the near future.”


  • Employee: Vanesa Moreno
  • Job title: Civil Analyst
  • Start Date: September 1, 2015
  • School and Graduation Year: Florida State University, 2015


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Company Info

Professional Services
Consulting Engineering
Year founded
HQ location
Raleigh, N.C.
Type of org
# of work sites
U.S. employees2,500
Global employees2,500


% New jobs added (past 12 mo)8%
% New hires that were recent grads59%