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“People are given a lot of responsibility if they show they can continually handle it,” says an employee at this financial data company. “This is very empowering for individuals that are high potential employees, allowing them work and get senior level visibility at a relatively junior level. For instance, I built an example product as proof of concept in my spare time, we now have a team of five engineers building the official product. I was able to present my example project to top management. They liked, approved, and funded the project. This all occurred within a four month period.”


“Some of the best aspects about the job are: free lunch; free healthcare or you are paid $2,000 to remain on your parents’ insurance; it is a very young company with social employees (at least in the consulting department);15% discount on stock that has performed very well; a high level of independence/responsibility; and I book my own meetings and set my schedule around the meetings.”


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Company Info

Financial Services & Insurance
Year founded
HQ location
Norwalk, Conn.
Type of org
# of work sites
U.S. employees2,200
Global employees7,351


% New jobs added (past 12 mo)8%
% New hires that were recent grads39%