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“Among the things I like about my role as an application engineer is the customer experience. I get to travel around and meet new people from different companies. It’s exciting meeting designers and understanding and resolving their issues. I learn a lot, and most importantly, it makes me think on my feet.”


“‘One Cadence, One Team’ is our company’s internal slogan, and indeed, I feel so comfortable walking into any one of my teammates’ cubes to ask questions and they are always happy to answer them. Even people from other teams are always ready to listen to my questions and make suggestions or steer me in the right direction.”

“I love the flexible schedule for being in the office. I can work anytime, anywhere.”

“I like the CHIPs (College Hire and Intern Program) events that helped me meet new hires and make new friends. It is hard for new hires to meet people and not feel lonely in your first months. Also, I had the golden opportunity to showcase my work at the Intern Showcase, even to Lip-Bu (CEO) and the Executive Management Team. All thanks to a CHIPs event, I got very high visibility for my work.”


“I also like the five days paid volunteer days so I can volunteer at my chosen charity.”


  • Employee: Sanjana Das
  • Job Title: Senior Application Engineer
  • Start Date: March 18, 2015
  • School and Graduation Year: State University of New York Buffalo, 2015


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Company Info

Year founded
HQ location
San Jose, Calif.
Type of org
# of work sites
U.S. employees2,643
Global employees3,524


% New jobs added (past 12 mo)31%
% New hires that were recent grads19%