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Employees say: “Work-life balance and the ability to work from remote locations enables us to juggle the demands of our jobs with our family obligations. I can’t say enough good things about how much I value the fact that I can work full time here and feel valued, and also still be home to get my kids off to school in the morning. I never feel judged by others for working from wherever I need to in order to balance both personal and professional demands.”


“I love the emphasis on work-life balance and on personal development. I know that if something unexpected crops up with my child, I can work it out with my supervisor without any hassle like you would find in other workplaces. At SAP, it’s understood that people have family obligations and work should be a part of life that excites you, not one that drains you. The emphasis on personal development reinforces that I’m cared for as a person, not just an employee.”

Company Info

HQ Location
Newtown Square, Pa.
Total # of Employees
Information Technology

Parental Leave Information

Business days of maternity leave after childbirth
Fully-paid business days for maternity leave
Business days of paternity leave after childbirth
Fully-paid business days for paternity leave
Days of parental leave after child adoption
Onsite child care center
Onsite childcare only at HQ?-
Child care cost reimbursement for work travel or working late