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Employees say:

“I never ever feel guilt taking time off. I have two young children and taking time off is something that will happen. It’s a fact of life. We have a buddy system with other managers that help cover someone who is away. It is brilliant and take all the stress away from not being there. The benefits are outstanding too. The back up day care has allowed me and my wife to remain working, even if our normal provider cannot take care of the children.”


“As a soon-to-be working mother, this company makes me feel like I can be successful at work and at home. There is always the thought of ‘how will I balance?’ or ‘what will I sacrifice?’ The openness of leadership and support of colleagues has been overwhelming. They are excited for me and want to make sure that I feel comfortable with all the change that is about to come my way. I don’t think I would have felt this way with either of my previous employers.”

Company Info

HQ Location
San Francisco
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Parental Leave Information

Business days of maternity leave after childbirth
Fully-paid business days for maternity leave
Business days of paternity leave after childbirth
Fully-paid business days for paternity leave
Days of parental leave after child adoption
Onsite child care center
Onsite childcare only at HQ?-
Child care cost reimbursement for work travel or working late