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    Employees say: “As a single parent I appreciate the latitude I am given to adjust my work schedule. I work from home and typically put in 9 to 10 hours a day, but may break those hours up because I have to pick children up from school or the like. I feel much more loyalty as a result, and will work even harder for a company that recognizes that sometimes a strict 9-to-5 schedule doesn’t work for everyone.”


    “Cadence does a great job of ensuring I can be successful in my career, but also stay healthy and have fun doing it, and still have time for my family and friends outside work.”

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    Company Info

    HQ Location
    San Jose, Calif.
    Total # of Employees

    Parental Leave Information

    Business days of maternity leave after childbirth
    Fully-paid business days for maternity leave
    Business days of paternity leave after childbirth
    Fully-paid business days for paternity leave
    Days of parental leave after child adoption
    Onsite child care center
    Onsite childcare only at HQ?-
    Child care cost reimbursement for work travel or working late