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Employees say:

“Having worked at other companies in the same industry, I understand the yardstick by which law firms typically operate. Baker Donelson is like no other law firm in the region. Indeed, Baker Donelson stands out as a great place to work regardless of industry. … When meeting with a health care provider to discuss my health insurance benefits for the upcoming birth of my child, the physician’s office administrator was floored (in a good way) at the quality, cost, and convenience of my health benefits—and my parental leave options! I have the option of working from home some days of my work week and do not simply because I enjoy working in the office so much. My coworkers (regardless of department or job title) are family. What we do matters. There is a sense of community. We are uniquely positioned to help our communities. There is a constant atmosphere of philanthropy, open communication, and excellence.”


“I have small children and a husband that works insane hours. I am always given the flexibility I need to take care of my family. Whether it be working remotely, from home or in the office I am trusted to get my work done regardless of where I am physically located. I cannot say enough about the great work-life balance this firm provides, especially when it comes to single (or pseudo-single) parents.”

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