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Employees say:

“As a female financial advisor, I must say, Baird does an exceptional job at connecting its women advisors. I had more women advisor friends at Baird after nine months than I did in 10 years at my prior firm. Also, as a mom to a 2-year-old and 5-year-old, my schedule needs flexibility. Baird is so focused on work-life balance that my commitment to my children is never in question. In fact, it is the opposite. They want us to be happy and good parents and good stewards of the community. Baird is a gift. I am so lucky!”


“For me, I really appreciated my maternity leave plan. They were very open for me to take as much time I was entitled to and to have breaks for pumping.”

Company Info

HQ Location
Total # of Employees
Financial Services & Insurance

Parental Leave Information

Business days of maternity leave after childbirth
Fully-paid business days for maternity leave
Business days of paternity leave after childbirth
Fully-paid business days for paternity leave
Days of parental leave after child adoption
Onsite child care center
Onsite childcare only at HQ?-
Child care cost reimbursement for work travel or working late