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Employees say:

“In the world of law firms, A&P is unique in that it offers the same parental leave to staff and attorneys. Most law firms provide much more parental leave to their attorneys. In addition, the Washington, D.C. office has an onsite childcare center that is run by the firm (as opposed to an outside childcare company). This keeps the cost down, as the firm is not profiting from running the facility, and it provides a sense of family since the caregivers are also A&P employees.”


“Arnold & Porter is at its best when an employee is going through a personal crisis: health, family, or otherwise. The response from top to bottom is that in such circumstances the employees responsibility is to be away from work and take care of whatever is going on. The concern expressed is not, ‘When will you be back?’ or, ‘Can you still get your work done?’ It is: ‘How can we support you by taking work off your plate?'”

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