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Employees say:

“Just about one year ago, I gave birth to a little girl. We have onsite daycare that allows me to drop her off and pick her up without going out of my way. The daycare mirrors the firms hours, so I did not have to change my working hours unless I wanted to. I also requested to work four eight-hour days, as opposed to five 7.5-hour days (reducing my work week by 5.5 hours), and my managers were completely accepting and acted as advocates for me to do so. … Another benefit with daycare is our BUCA (back up care) program. It allows for a certain number of days a year to have a nanny/sitter come to your home so you can keep working. I love this program and use it quite a bit.”


“How does a major international law firm create a sense of family AND excellence, of caring AND rigor? I don’t quite know how this developed over the years, but it is what makes Alston & Bird very special, and the best place I have worked in my three decades in the workforce. … If someone cannot fulfill their duties per family problems or illness, the next man—or woman—steps up to cover. No questions. No hand-wringing. No leaving someone out to dry.”

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