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Employees say:

“Chegg makes all employees feel part of a large family. Management shares all the company details weekly/monthly which makes us feel connected and important. There is a passionate focus on being who you are and bringing your best self to Chegg and the work that you do. As someone who has worked in a variety of industries Chegg does an amazing job ensuring regardless of what you look like or what your job function is, you are heard, challenged, developed, and most importantly, supported.”

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Company Info

Information Technology
Industry vertical-
HQ location
Santa Clara, Calif.
# of work sites
Web address
U.S. Employees1,074
Worldwide employees1,900
U.S. revenue-
Total worldwide (including U.S.) revenue in the latest fiscal year-
Date info provided (companies may opt to keep some data confidential)
June 11, 2021