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Employees say:


“The employee-owner culture is wonderful. The amount of events for employee owners makes me feel like the company is heavily invested in the happiness of its workforce. ”


“This company truly “practices what it preaches.” From the very first day I met my soon-to-be manager, I was told how great the company culture was; how Torch functioned like a family; and how it is an “all for one and one for all” mentality. It was also explained in detail how I would become an employee owner and that I would be treated as one. Being a young whipper-snapper coming into the professional world, I didn’t fully understand that I wasn’t just being told these things because “that’s what management says.” After nearing three years with Torch, I realize all of these things were true – and it didn’t stop there!! The more time that passes, the more my appreciation and love for this company, the people, and our mission grows.”


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Company Info

Professional Services
Year founded
HQ location
Huntsville, Alabama
# of work sites
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees178
Millennials as % of total workforce27%