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Employees say:


“More than just brand and name recognition, what makes Stryker stand out is the people. From the CEO to the factory-intern, Stryker boasts intelligent, hard-working, successful, ethical, and overall good people- all pulling in the same direction.”


“There are MANY different ways that Stryker has invested in my personal growth that has no direct impact on my job performance, which proves they care about me as an individual. Most companies send you to training so you know how to perform your day to day job functions. I have benefited from countless “training” opportunities that are not focused on my day to day improvement, but on my growth as a whole. In my 4 + years working for Stryker, they have paid for my MBA from the University of Florida. I’ve been sent to personal development conferences and seminars across the country, and I’ve participated in Mentorship programs as both a mentor and a mentee. A famous quote from Richard Branson is, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” All of Stryker’s investment in me has made me into a well-rounded individual. If I were to ever leave Stryker for other opportunities, I get to take the returns of that investment with me wherever I go. However, because the way Stryker values me and rewards me for my efforts, I hope I can be here for another 25 years!”


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Company Info

Manufacturing & Production
Year founded
HQ location
Kalamazoo, Michigan
# of work sites
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees7,492
Millennials as % of total workforce46%